Winter Sun

One lucky morning, I woke up at fading dawn and felt something pleasant in the air, I could hear  the birds merrily chirping; I opened the door, spellbound I stood still for a second, closed my eyes and smiled, ‘soak it in girl! soak in all of it! enjoy the bliss’! 


After long winter days, spring had arrived. What a view! The sun was rising shyly from behind the magnificent snow covered Dhauladhar ranges (which looked even more beautiful now) like a new bride hesitant yet blushing.


The rays began to emerge and scatter steadily one by one, spreading themselves to the vast horizon and as they fell upon the houses, trees, flowers; everything came back to life after the cold night’s stillness. I ran inside in a haste, grabbed my camera; not to miss this opportunity to capture  a perfect sun rise, I was overjoyed!



I was amazed and wonder-struck at how meditative the experience felt, to watch sun bring everything back to life like a saviour  rescuing the inhabitants of earth from the fear and darkness of the night. How can one resist to not take pictures of a phenomena as breathtaking as this, it sure was a wonderful morning.


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